Keep it Light

It is the head of the weekend. Time to keep it light and celebrate events that are on the plan for the next two days.

The plans could be anything: 

  • family-time
  • soccer tournament
  • sports fan gloating after a win
  • fall customer appreciation/open house event
  • belated Columbus Day/pre-Christmas sale
  • …or maybe something to celebrate once in a lifetime – as it is in my case – a bachelorette party

We are all excited for another young couple to join the married ranks. In just 2 short weeks it will be their time to shine. The glow of young love, friends who have known each other a long time and two people who are fully aware of what they are undertaking.

We (at least I) won’t get into those “things” that are just a part of marriage – like when your husband travels for a week and one of your kids gets sick. As he is normally the one to wake up and care for them (what a great dad he is…and an even better husband); I really missed him this week.

No, we won’t get into that. Well – maybe how great he is – but the rest, no. 

We will keep it fun, keep it girly and keep it light. There’s time for all that other stuff when we host the next baby shower. After all, you can’t get cold feet when you are 7 months into having your first baby.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl 

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