Just a Trial

It is fine if things don’t work out, as long as it is just a trial.

There is a reason why things are offered up as a sample. They don’t always fit, work or taste the way you want. You don’t have to make a purchase if it isn’t right, though, do you?

It appears that the sample contacts I received are just not going to work. It’s totally fine, i mean other than not being able to see clearly. No committment though yet, so we will work out the details and make sure that the solution is clear before we finalize the deal.

Today, it appears that Mother Nature decided also to give us just a trial – of summer – but that is a good thing, too. It is far too early for summer. A couple of days were a nice taste and now we know what we will need to enjoy it once it is really here. Now, we can buy the outdoor furniture, the sporting equipment and a new hammock, even. Hopefully by then, the right solution for me will be found, too.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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