Call Screening

With the most recent wave of never-ending spam calls, the need for call screening is real. No one would deny this.

There are people you don’t want to talk to at any given time of day.

The phone company, and the new mobile devices, now have similar carrier support to help their customers filter real calls from the fake ones.  I think it is interesting now, more and more often to see the word SPAM come up before the number on caller ID.

Yet, it isn’t helping one little bit to keep telemarketers from trying to get your attention.

Exchange cloning makes the effort more difficult…what if it is a real call? From a real person.

It is hard to believe that there used to be rows and rows of cubicles dedicated to outbound calling in the past. But, it is true.

Now they are all but empty, the calls replaced by a computer that just dials number after number until they win.

What do you do when it is an actual real person, with a real request and you probably should talk to them?

Many people engage in call screening even though it might be a real person. Of course they do and it is completely acceptable.  The only time it is not okay is when the person they’re asking for is “not available” (when they really are) and the customer can clearly see them at their desk from the front of the office.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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