It’s Not Too Late

It’s been this way for a while and not getting really much better so this morning I decided I had to do something about it. I was worried. Sincerely worried. Apparently, it’s not too late. Whew!

I really thought that the smell that was in our refrigerator was going to force us to have to buy a new one. It was that bad. The smell of course, not the belief…

Of course I’m kidding. it wasn’t really that bad, but I decided I had an hour to kill and I would tackle a project I had been avoiding.

We all know that kind of feeling… the feeling that leads you to believing that some opportunity has passed you by.

(Ok, wait one more thought about the refrigerator – then I will move on, I promise.)

Once you replace refrigerator,

you have to replace the dishwasher,

and of course if you replace the dishwasher,

you have to replace the range,

and if you replace the range,

you have to replace the hood;

however, wait, we’ve already done that,

so maybe that can stay.

See what I mean about the refrigerator having me worried?

But seriously, I do think that certain things get to be too far past their prime and it is too late.

When my mom turned 50 we had a big party for her.  She remembers how surprised she was and she talks about it often. It was a lot of fun for her and after the total shock wore off, around the end of the night, she had the moment to talk to all her friends, family and even her grandchildren.

She told us at that moment she realized that she had let something slip past.

She had been an RN when most people didn’t get a four-year degree, let alone for a nursing position. So here she was and said that she thought she always should have gone back to medical school; but at 50, with a grandchild to enjoy (back then she had no idea that nine more would be on the way), and a good paying manager position, she thought she might’ve been too old.

Where would she find the time? Where would she find the money? And, why in this modern day  would she have to complete residency with a prerequisite of 48-72 hours of non-stop on duty? Hadn’t they learned that doesn’t prove a doctor’s capability to handle stress in a time of crisis?

So flash forward, with all ten grandchildren here and with us today, I believe, that she could have done it, but it was too late for her – she didn’t want it bad enough – and it had nothing to do with age.

I firmly believe that there are very few things in life should be considered as being too late.

You can always apologize to someone for wrongdoing. You can always forgive someone else, too. You can say thank you and you can give more hugs and make more time simply by enacting your own choice to do it. Don’t ever think you can’t do those things because it’s already too late. It’s not too late, you just have to want it bad enough.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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