It’s All About Them

When you decide to have children, you pretty much need to accept that, for a long time anyway, it’s all about them.

  • When they want to eat.
  • When they want to sleep.
  • When they want to do, well. Anything.
  • When they have off from school – you travel or take vacation.
  • When they have a game or a contest – you find out where it is and you attend.
  • When they are invited to be in a special concert or performance – you make plans and you go.

We knew that we were ready to have kids when “going out” had lost its appeal…maybe some day that will come back but until then, we do the things that revolve around them. We make plans in advance and we admit, that it’s all about them…until they have kids – which, while still a ways away for us – is still very much a part of what our parents do.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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