It Could Be Your Fault

I am not being judgemental or anything, not of you anyway, but…still, it could be your fault. Too.

Doesn’t this time of year start to get you excited though? Spring is in the air, there are a ton of holidays approaching – Easter, Passover, birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day and graduations. It is a great time of year to tell the people you love – how much you love them.

My mail box however, is feeling kind of cold and frozen – just like this one.

All we get now are bills, junk mail and EOBs. (Do we really need a copy of the instructions EVERY TIME they mail us a medical statement? 2-pages for every one with our info on it…)

I do try to keep up with Hallmark, but even the reward certificates I get these days are pretty light, $5 or $2 even. They used to be $8, $10 or even $15!  Wow, those were the days. I used to linger, selecting handfuls of cards to send. I’d take them home and then save a few, while choosing carefully my favorites to write endearing messages and then mail them to my friends and loved ones – especially the littlest cousins.

Today, we call, video chat or simply just send an IM or text – maybe we post a heartfelt hello and warm wishes on Facebook, or share photos on Instagram. That doesn’t keep this age old, iconic home based accessory warm and full.  I know that I do it, too.

So, just maybe – admit it – it could be your fault, but even if it is, that’s ok. You can remedy the situation and send one, real, honest-to-goodness, cute as a button, clever or punny, card; tomorrow, this weekend or next week. There is still time to say “Happy Spring!” and “Ears to you!”

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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