Isn’t It Obvious

In the “Isn’t It Obvious” category…here are the top 4 statements and or questions of the week…so far.

Keep in mind, since Monday was a holiday, it is already the middle of the week. Heck, it may as well be Friday. Cheers!


Read on.

  1. Summer is still in effect until September 22nd – every year – regardless of when school starts or when the air gets chilly. (Is that better Maria?)
  2. Asking kids closed ended questions will result in one of 3 answers (typically): Yes. No. Fine.
  3. “Nice weather we’re having huh?” (Question asked in an elevator…on a conference call…or when you are waiting in a lobby for someone – regardless of rain, sun, sleet or snow.)
  4. Having the nerve to ask the Genius at the Apple store “You do accept Apple Pay, right?”

Sure, I have been known to fall into the categories of 1, 2 and 3.  I sank to a new low as I have never before so carelessly asked a question that gets a look that simply says, “isn’t it obvious?”

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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