Is This The Future

Is this the future or the past and the present?

…and, if so, do I really want to know more about it? Really, medicare and teaming up? Or, are there other sites out there dedicated to our senior single swingers?

Seriously Aetna, I get that you are all hip and with the times, but it doesn’t give me hope for the future. Anyone in the marketing department there ever been in a nursing home? One guy, many women!

I bet they haven’t or they wouldn’t have thought this ad was quite so clever.

Also, do I really need to think about this too closely? I mean this was targeted (as in addressed) to my Mother-in-law, who, by the way, is still happily married and to the same man for 60 years! I know it doesn’t apply to my MIL even though she has been known to be quite clever with the computer – using it for far more than organizing her recipes as she was once told by a co-worker.

As clever and as catchy as this is, I am not sure I want to ask – single 70 and 80 year olds who I know. So, to the people out there on the web…is this the future for women of a certain age? This would be where denial starts to set in…at least on my part and I am pretty sure that my husband wouldn’t be too happy to think about it either.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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