Is It Safe?

We have to ask, for a wide variety of topics: is it safe?

The vaccine?

Cloud storage?

Using cell phones?

Driving even using hands-free devices for newly minted drivers?

Eating fried foods more than once a day / week / month?

Staying up late?

Going on a cruise?

Waking up too early?

Flying on a plane?

Going back to the office?

Letting the kids go to school?

So many things and not all of them have exacting answers.

There are different levels of risk, but it is okay to ask the question and be able to get an answer, any answer. Then, be able to make a choice for yourself based on what you think. Who knows what the answer is to all of these…but it is fair to ask is it safe? Find out the facts. Evaluate the details. Then, you need to make that call – for you.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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