Is It Monday?

I know that it is actually Thursday, but several times today, the question “Is it Monday?” was asked.

I can’t change the calendar, and so, apparently can’t the general public – you know, regular people – but business owners might just have that superpower at their disposal.

Restaurants can close, if they want.

Bars can close, too.

Retailers can choose to modify hours.

Cafes and amusement parks and even medical offices can shut and lock their doors, saying we will be back tomorrow, visit us then if you please.

In my other “life” I recommend that businesses stay open as long as their customers and clients demand their products and services. I know that there is a loud cry – a natural (modern) call – for a weekend, or a holiday, or a random day off if you can. But, if giving in to that impulse has your customers asking “is it Monday?” because your doors are locked, the lights are off and you are indeed closed – for no apparent reason other than you wanted to celebrate the Fourth – may mean that they don’t try you on a Tuesday or a Thursday some day in the future, too.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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