Instant Recovery

Give your staff, your entire team, the ability to achieve instant recovery of a customer or a client. On the spot discounts, promotional offers on their next purchase,  free or replacement items are essential.

I am not suggesting that you give your bartender carte blanche to serve all of their friends for free or to attempt to drum up better tips…

I am suggesting autonomy, empowerment and authority to act. It should be well within the realms of your services or products and your comfort level with the cost of losing a customer (or the cost to attract a new one).

The staff should be able to act immediately to help a dissatisfied customer feel better about your brand. Nothing works better creating or keeping a loyal customer than hearing a tactic that achieves instant recovery and a near immediate amnesia from the annoyance, time-wasting return trip to your store and the frustration they experienced today. What went wrong? Oh, I forget…as I save 30% on my next order with them, being placed right…now.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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