Infinite, Options or an Option

If you had a preference, which would you choose: infinite, options or an option?

My kids and I play a little game where I give them a choice. The question posed is usually open ended.

The question I pose is usually, often – ok – it IS about dinner.

What would you like for dinner?

Infinite choices.

They start talking.

I have to stop them.

They then look at me with the saddest eyes ever; because, while there are choices, they are limited.

Would you like this and that? Or, this and the other thing?

Choices. Options. Sometimes, there are 3…sometimes more.

Sometimes we go out.

Which, you would think is the easiest solution of all. But sometimes, going out is an even more complicated conversation…while it increases the number of menu items they have to choose, the restaurants on the list (or, the ones that they can agree on), often eliminates their personal favorites.

The Venn Diagram and resulting area (apparently known as the Reuleaux triangle) of what my kids like to eat has a rather small overlapping pointed 3-pointed circle. (See image.)

To mitigate this confusion, frustration and stress…I am learning, finally, to list out the options. Plural.

It is rarely just one option, because then, why would I even ask a question; in that case, I would just make dinner and serve it. No questions asked.

Contrary to children’s hopes and dreams of endless tater tots and fried cheese, one’s refrigerator is actually full of other healthy culinary delights. We have less than infinite, options, or an option and that my followers, is what’s for dinner.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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