In The Window

We took the kids to NYC for some fun after Christmas and spent some time looking at the amazing windows on 5th Avenue. Even though it was a great holiday, I thought this would ease the inevitable let down after all the build up of Christmas… As you can imagine, these displays were so much more amazing than the “every day” and knowing this I still couldn’t help but think that ANY display of merchandise looks better in the window.

Most of us know this – whether you think it before you buy or after you bring it home – and still it doesn’t stop us from dreaming… How nice that dress or sweater would look… Or how lovely that chair would be in our living room!

So, as we wrap up the holiday season, I am enjoying NYC and acknowledging the power of merchandising. It is not all make believe… But makes me hope for more, wish for more and makes me think of how creative we all could be.


Dream all you want.

My wish for you – if I can wish – is for it to look even better on you or in your house, than in the window.

Love Life.
Be Happy.
Have Peace

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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