In My Favor

I am not a gambler, in fact I pretty much hate gambling money away. It isn’t that I don’t win, ’cause I do – sort of. I tend to win individual hands and roll great dice at the craps table. Often and quickly, I’ll be ahead – which gets me pretty excited! However, not unlike other gamblers, I want to keep the streak going, only to then lose it all including my starting bank. While I am not going to play the slot machine (really bad odds for the gambler – the worst of all…) I may gamble on the future (and maybe at blackjack or craps again one day). When it comes to predicting brand growth, new service adoption and changing legislation, are the odds in my favor or not?

I know that I am going out on a limb here, I think it is a strong limb and I’m not betting anything – just putting it out there.

Uber will be in Las Vegas within the next two years.

So, what do you think? Are the odds in my favor, or not?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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