Don’t Know Why

If you read my post from yesterday, you will understand the basis of this one as I thought more about why I care. However, after long internal debate, I don’t know why I care whether Uber will get to Las Vegas in two years or not. I’d rather not ever have to go there again. Why not you ask? A few simple reasons…

  • Long flight to get there.
  • Time zone change (I can’t talk to my kids, by the time it is a decent hour in LV they are at school, then after my meetings, expos and obligatory dinners, they are already in bed by the time I have a private moment to call them.)
  • Skimpy outfits on the cocktail waitresses (some who should not be wearing them.)
  • Smoking in the casino.
  • Noisy casino floor – which you have walk through to get anywhere.
  • You can’t get a decent cup of coffee until 6AM, unless you go to the bar (where people are still up from the night before. Smoking.)
  • The odds are NOT in your favor. Senior Citizens pumping money into slot machines which have an average of 85-95% return (for every $100.00 someone bets, they can hope to get back between $85.00 and $95.00 – if they “win”.) Move on to the black jack table where you are capable of making a decision to take another card or not – the odds are 50-50 that you will win or the house will win and you can improve your odds of winning with experience, patience and a level head.
  • You have to walk a long way to get from one end of the casino – from your hotel room to the meeting space and while you’d love to walk outside in the sunshine, the strip is not meant for walking (It is not pedestrian friendly.)

Finally, a great marketing slogan that encourages people to do things in Vegas that they wouldn’t think of doing elsewhere. Well, maybe they would think it, but they might not act on it. Las Vegas certainly encourages fun but I don’t know why those magical flashing lights, free drinks and make believe places like New York, New York, Paris, Venice and Monte Carlo allow people to believe “What happens here, stays here.”  I believe that it does stay. It stays in your mind, your heart and your soul. You can leave Las Vegas…but does it leave you?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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