I’m Done

Ok here it is…I’m done. 365 Days in a row of blog posts.

I didn’t plan to keep up with this for a year, posting daily snippets into my life perspective, but once I got on a roll, it just seemed to make sense to keep it up.

  • I could be better at editing.
  • I could plan my posts out better.
  • I could finish them earlier in the day.
  • I could advertise to earn more followers.
  • I could post these on something other than Facebook and improve my reach.
  • I could do a lot of things…

However, I am pretty happy with the reality of what I have done in a year. Should I even contemplate the idea that I’m done? I don’t think so… I am pretty darn sure that I have more to do, more to say and more to share. Thank you for reading, sharing and being a part of it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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