If You Could

A ton of options to follow this phrase, but I will start with a few, you can fill in the rest and let me know. If you could: _______ (would you?)

  • Go back in time and change one event in your life?
  • Help a stranger?
  • Give advice to someone even if you knew they would probably not follow it (or believe you)?
  • Change your career?
  • Home school your kids?
  • Home school yourself? (if you said no to the first, and yes to the second…why?)
  • Save to take a year off to do something different?
  • Pay for your children’s education even if they could apply for and get scholarships and loans that were easily repayable by their future career?
  • Eat out to dinner every night?
  • Hire a body guard?
  • Move to an off-the-grid homestead?
  • Go without your cell phone for a day / week / month?
  • Turn off cable television?
  • Write a book?
  • Teach a college level class?
  • Take half salary if it meant someone else would be able to complete half of your work?
  • Go on a holiday and not read e-mail, check texts or use technology of any kind?

So, what would you do if you could?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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