If You Can’t Have Both

If you can’t have both of the things you want, will you accept one good thing happening?

All or nothing is rarely what people will choose.

Isn’t it better to get one good thing, but not two good things as long as one good thing happened?

  • Sunny and/or warm.
  • Rain watering the plants and/or warm days helping the plants grow.
  • Educated and/or smart.
  • Smart and/or able to convey an idea to many people.
  • Wealthy and/or happy.
  • Enjoying the game and/or winning the game.
  • Comfortable and/or fancy.
  • Funny and/or lovable.
  • Getting things accomplished and/or spending time with friends and family.
  • Tea with bread and/or tea with jam.
  • Ice cream and/or cake.
  • Arrive on time and/or arrive with everything you were supposed to bring.

Even if you can’t have both one incredible thing happening is still a pretty big win.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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