If You Are Keeping Score

It depends on the scenario whether it is good or bad if you are keeping score.

If you are making tally marks:

  • against your kids – bad.
  • against your competition – good.
  • against your spouse – bad.
  • against your opponent – good.
  • against your friends – bad.
  • against your goals and what you have accomplished so far – good.
  • against your neighbors – bad.
  • against your weight loss/gain plan – good.
  • against your friends – bad.
  • against your initiatives to educate and share and expand knowledge – good.
  • against the days of the week passing – bad (at least I think so.)
  • against the days until you leave on vacation – good (or, at least okay…)

If you have to keep score, make sure that it is for the right reasons and with the best of intentions.

If you are keeping score, count it a win when your kids share with you – or their younger siblings – your own good advice.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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