Ideas and Creativity

Now would be an awesome time for new ideas and creativity. We certainly could use some out of the box thinking and unique solutions to everyday (ongoing) problems. But, it’s Halloween and that is a good time to just focus on some fun for the entire family.

Help us figure out how to hang out by the fire pit AND share candy with tick-or-treaters…at them same time.

Let’s chat about whether or not we can make a better costume than a Plague Doctor to exemplify this year.

Are there any “not scary” but exciting movies or shows to watch that haven’t yet been binged?

Think of what to do if it snows, or if it rains and how to keep smiling!

Stake a guess for the many reasons shipping for products we ordered online are getting “lost”.

Make a plan to attract as many kids as possible so they venture out and take this candy off our hands.

Tell us a story on how are we so lucky to get two full moons in October and a full (blue!) moon on Halloween.

New ideas and creativity can help us through all of this and so much more. You just have to try and open your mind, invite others to join you and don’t say no to anything until you’ve tried it out first.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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