Hump Day Holiday

I’m not a big fan of the hump day holiday…let alone the name.

This Fourth of July is flat out weird. 

It’s not a weekend long celebration.

I guess that it could have been two, or even the whole week. 

Or, think of it this way.

It’s two days of work and a one day weekend. Followed by another two day week and a full weekend.

Well…it’s better than no day off, right?

Nothing we can do about it of course, so just decide to enjoy it, while you call it a weird name (like hump day holiday.) Thendecide to stay up late or sleep in late or skip work entirely…even if you own your own business, in which case it’s really a special Wednesday. An even more special one with BBQ for lunch and dinner combined into one mid afternoon meal, oh and sparklers to make it that much more fun and festive. 

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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