How Long is Too Long

When sending your kids away, how long is too long?

It could depend on their age. It could depend on your parenting style. It could be where you are sending them…

Are they a toddler and they are going to preschool? If that is the case, anywhere from 3 to 4 hours and all day might work.

Are they 8 and going to visit with family who they know really well, like their close aunt and uncle or their grandparents? Or, is it s distant cousin who they may have met once at a family reunion when there were at least 50 other people…in that case anywhere from few hours to a long week might be just fine or way (way) too long.

Summer camp for your tween? 1 week to 2 weeks, unless they are prone to anxiety and panic attacks, or have serious food allergies or are completely freaked out by bugs, in which case, maybe skip camp.

Then, somehow, they turn 17 or 18 and they leave for college; are you ready? Even if they are, many parents are not…while others are so very ready.

The possibly last alternative available…are they fully grown adults yet unable to afford, or unable to emotionally or physically, to live on their own? The answer may be any amount of time is too long.

Somehow, the difference between a few hours and forever is what parents need to handle. No matter your opinion on how long is too long, someone else will think you are crazy, a pushover or too emotional. To those people, just tell them that these are your kids and they can treat theirs however they want. You won’t judge them, as long as they don’t judge you. Know yourself, know your kids and don’t let anyone give you a hard time for being what you offered the universe and your child/ren when you decided to be a mom or dad.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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