How Long Has it Been

If you think back…How long has it been?

Time sure does fly when you are having fun, have gotten busy, are raising your kids, building a business, writing a book, supporting a cause. All of these things take time. Not just the every day life that we lead. Sometimes you just sit back and then, you realize that it has been nearly a full year since January 1st. Just about six more weeks to go and when we look back on this time:

Have we done everything that we have wanted (and more) or, are we still working at the goals?

Maybe this is too many questions, but a few (more) important ones come to mind.

It is still fun?

It is still worth it?

Is it still important?

Is it still lingering and not making any progress?

Now. Not only, how long has it been, what’s next because you are the only one who can make this determination. You are the one in control. Make up your mind. Accomplish your goals.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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