Here We Go Again

There are times in our lives when we may think, here we go again

  • This can be Sunday night, in anticipation of Monday morning schedules.
  • This can be when someone in your family brings up an old, embarrassing story.
  • This can be the obvious reminder – when clothes are piled up beyond the limits of the basket – to do laundry.
  • This can be looking in the fridge and seeing that we are out of milk, eggs and bread – or half and half, hummus and pita.
  • This can be forgetting to empty the lunchbox, and realizing the warm ice packs won’t do today’s lunch very much good at all.
  • This can be Friday afternoon, getting ready for the weekend.
  • This can be two weeks before Memorial Day, getting ready for the summer.
  • This can be 7 days to Mother’s Day and wondering what mom will love more than anything.

Life repeats itself for a reason. Being at the point of – here we go again – is a good thing, no matter what.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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