Hard To Guess

It is really hard to guess what other people are thinking, unless they clearly and in a detailed way, outline what they think, believe and understand to be true.

  • It is important to ask.
  • It is important to learn more.
  • It is important to share.
  • It is important to be empathetic.
  • It is important to try to understand.

It is probably even more important to want to understand.

We may not know everything:

  • even if we have known someone all of our life.
  • even if we have a lot of experience.
  • even if we are very skilled.
  • even if we have spent a lot of time learning.
  • even if we think we know.

It is definitely good to be open minded.

Even in context, if can be hard to guess; we can try, we can be arrogant, we can think we are right…but we may not actually know what someone else has experienced, learned, resolved or believes.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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