Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!  The Jewish New Year started last night at sundown and all of our Jewish friends, colleagues and associates started their celebrations with their family and friends.

The year is 5775. I think this is date is pretty cool (thanks for letting me know Keri!)

I have brisket in the oven.

All of this comes together and ties my earlier post about the palindrome and Southern BBQ beef brisket.

What a nice little story to share. Why is this important? I am not Jewish, I don’t actually celebrate the Jewish New Year and until my friend told me the year, I had no idea it was 5775. I pay attention because it is important to others and these are just one of the many things that can affect your business.

I am not telling you that you have to celebrate a holiday that isn’t “yours” to celebrate, but certainly, as you build a brand and a business be aware of what matters to others – essentially your clients or your potential clients.

I think that the karma of everything coming together means that we will have a quite delicious “Southern BBQ/Jewish New Year Beef Brisket” inspired dinner – Yum.

To everyone celebrating the New Year – “L’shana tovah u’metukah” – make it a great one! Can’t wait to celebrate all of the wonderful things that come for you in your life, your business and for your families.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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