Happiness and Love

Happiness and love go hand in hand – but when you are also able to like each other enough to be friends – that is the biggest win.

  • talk to each other
  • listen to what they are saying
  • be there for each other
  • defend them to others when they are not able
  • be kind to one another
  • be together because you want to be together
  • like each other more

It is more than luck, it is a lot of work. It never comes easy. Friends often come and go, they are a part of our lives for a period of time, but not forever…unless you are able to do all of those things for each other.

Grow. Adapt. Learn. Accept. Trust.

Be there…

Share in the happiness and love and know that it is even more meaningful if you can live your life, together as friends…among friends.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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