Gearing Up for the New Year

It is time, if you haven’t already to start gearing up for the New Year.

In terms of new technology, of course.

For some reason the end of the year is always a time when new stuff comes into place. Maybe it is the end of year budget, maybe it is the end of year sales on last year’s model laptop, maybe it is the week off – some call it s a”turn around” – the rest of us just have a few days when the e-mail is a little bit lighter, the mood is a little bit brighter and the days seem just a bit longer.

We are all just coming off the high from the holiday, people are in a good mood, the wine and cookies are still flowing and the time seems ripe to learn something new.

Of course, we could just wait until the summer to do this, but then we have something else on our mind and in June, we will somehow feel that the year is barely getting started.

Now, we are looking at the list of things we wanted to accomplish and the time is as good as any…only a few days left to get going and start gearing up for the New Year. Then, you will be able to start it off right; with a clean slate. Come on, you know you will feel better if you do it now. Go get that new laptop you have been eyeing up all year.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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