Full Circle

This weekend we (a group of us family folk) were chatting about how things always come around in a full circle.

The topic was communication. How do we best communicate with others today vs. yesterday?

We didn’t go so far back to include smoke signals and carrier pigeons, but we started with the telegraph and how it eventually lead to the phone. Later, pagers (just a number to be called back), then e-mail and now texting…which in a weird way, is just like the telegraph, only much much faster, more portable and of course, wireless.

Will we continue to develop new methods that lead us back to massive communications, like sky writing or the Good Year Blimp perhaps – being able to reach many, with just a short phrase – or have we gotten there with Twitter already?

It only takes a moment for someone to send out a comment, a story or a thought for it to go full circle, reaching millions and coming right back at the origination point with feedback. Just giving a moment of pause to how easy it is to say what you want to say – if only it always came across they way it was meant. I guess that hasn’t changed – there is still room for interpretation on the receiving end.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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