From 1 to 100

From 1 to 100 dollars and much (much) higher than that… From basic, inexpensive flip flops to fitted shoes at a specialty shoe store – they make us happy.

Most women love shoes.

Many men probably do, too.

There are so many options available to us today that we could simply pay a dollar for each of the colors of the rainbow in flip-flops at the annual memorial day sale at Old Navy. (Less than $10 for ROYGBIV and you’ll have some left for sparkly ones and tax.)

Then again, you can go and be fitted for Mary Jane’s, Dansko’s, or Ecco and maybe buy a pair for $100, today, too. With that purchase you have one-on-one personal attention to make sure you have your correct size and the fit is right. You do not have to dive into the bin to look for your size or color, nor walk endless aisles in search of the right pair of black sandals, only to realize your size is sold out.

I don’t think we even have to bring Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo into it. I think we can get some smiles and happy feet with our options from 1 to 100, cause there’s certainly at least one pair to make a girl happy in that range. (For that matter, buy Tom’s or Bob’s and you’ll make two girls happy.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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