Follow Your Schedule

Sometimes, your life does not allow you to follow your schedule. Whether it is work, school or family, there are many things that can impact your day that just – essentially – screw it all up.

Then, you have something like say, for example, the Pope coming to visit your city.

This one little (ok, momentous) event, has everyone doing things differently and not in their plan. The city is locked down. While many want to go to visit, what about those people who live within the boundaries that have been designated “secure”?

I know most of this is corporate office areas, but there are plenty of people who live in the center city area and can’t be home this weekend.

Or, must stay home this weekend. They can’t park their car in their favorite little spot right near their house, and they certainly can’t enter or leave the city from 6PM tonight until early Monday morning (unless they want to fight the crowds on public transit).

We’ve been talking about this event here, for months, this week and last, the frenzy kind of kicked up a little bit more. I can only hope that those of you who didn’t want to see the Pope have an opportunity to follow your schedule and be where and when you want to be this weekend. Good luck – and as they say… God bless.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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