Flowers Create Smiles

Most people can agree that giving flowers creates smiles. This is definitely the season of flowers.

From Valentines through Easter and Administrative Professionals Day (this past week) and Doctors & Nurses Day (coming up soon!) We are in the heat of the floral season. There are proms and sweetheart dances, soon it will be Mother’s Day and don’t forget weddings. (Well, they happen year round now, but nothing beats a spring wedding.)

Having been on the fringe of the floral industry for several years I have many strong opinions about it. From floral shops, to toll-free numbers and what you should order when it’s time to give that lovely bouquet as a gift. (Yes, I still think sometimes it’s okay that the flower is a fruit.)

Please. Please, please do your local florist the best favor you can when you are giving a gift of flowers. Call them directly. Know their name. Get into their database, they’ll send you important reminders. Follow them on Facebook. Listen up when they start to talk about holidays so that you remember that you should absolutely, positively, send flowers. Why? Silly…flowers create smiles…and smiles are the best.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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