First Kiss

I mean, who doesn’t remember their first kiss?

If anyone out there can’t remember, they are a terrible person.

That said, when I first saw all the Tweets about how bad Katie Perry was, I thought oh, no – “not a female celebrity in a power position causing a #MeToo problem”…followed by a thought of “that’s terrible! I mean come on people, don’t you know what is happening in your own industry. You should be smarter by now. That stuff lingers, for years and I mean decades.”

Yet, once I clicked through to learn more, even the this Huffington Post article didn’t tell enough of the story to really know what had happened.

I was then determined to find out and see for myself what happened. (Of course, editing is done and the full video is not available to me – that said – this seems innocent enough to me.)

While I still think people need to be smarter than this and not put themselves into a risky, potentially life, career damaging and historically infamous position – this kid needs to thank American Idol for his 15 seconds of fame and move on.

That smooch was not even a memorable first kiss. Also, sadly, he couldn’t sing, which is probably what the whole issue is all about.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Though, I do remember a similar situation happening to me in sophomore year of high school. He thought nothing of it; and really, it meant nothing to me either.

PPS Oh, yea, and by similar, I mean someone turning into a kiss that was meant for a cheek. ^That^ situation wasn’t actually my first kiss.



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