Find Your Niche

It takes a while to find your niche, whether it is figuring out what you want, what you like, or why you’re doing what you do.

Working for a company that doesn’t align with your personal and professional goals can be a nightmare. It is stressful, draining – it doesn’t move you forward – unless it forces you make a move, running away. 

Sometimes it is more about aligning yourself with a few people on your team and working well together. Fitting in is so important. Feeling that you’re valued. Knowing that your contributing to the growth.

Thinking back on what I studied in college and how I got there. Was it a path I took? Was I just landing in places that seemed to work? It seems – in hind sight – that maybe I wasn’t forging the path, but following a trail that had been left for me and I was just learning what worked for me. Engineering led me to project management, following a budget, getting things accomplished, this lead to marketing.

Now, in development and helping brands grow bigger, finding the right messaging and how to communicate better to have the opportunity to serve clients – it wasn’t something I did on purpose but somehow I have found myself here. 

Being able to find your niche is a marvelous thing. It’s ok to evolve, it is good to continue to learn, it is even better when those things make you happy, light hearted and fulfilled.

Keep growing ~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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