Every Time

Every time I come to Las Vegas, I think the same thing I thought on my first visit here…this is no place for children.

Yet, the city continues to try to make this city into a family destination…complete with outdoor playgrounds for the younger set…really. There is one I can see off my hotel balcony.

I don’t care if they call it “America’s Playground” that does not mean what you think it means.

Love Disney, or hate it. Take them to Universal – or both. Try the beach, the mountains…NYC or any other top 10 vacation destination cities in this great country. Just please don’t bring them here.

The first time I came to Las Vegas, my daughter was turning turning 1 and there was not a thought in my head to bring a toddler in a stroller…here. Sure, have kids, will travel; and in the last decade, have dog will travel fits, too – but not here.

So, flash forward 15 years and I know that I am consistent. In the six separate trips I have made to Sin City, I have had the same thought every time – NSFC. (Not Suitable For Children.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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