Every Day is Garbage Day

At home, at least for a family, every day is garbage day (as in take out the trash to the bins.) Of course you don’t bring those bins out to the street every day. You have to wait for your special day of the week.

However, in the more remote suburban sprawl, the more rural the homestead, the home owner has choices. Pick your company, pick your day – hire your trash collector directly.

The townships have eliminated their role in providing services – to save money – and allow people to negotiate their own costs.

It has some benefits – like single stream recycling – bonus, no more sorting!

It has downside or overall negative issues, too.

  • Traffic ensues.
  • Frustration starts.
  • People pass the truck on a busy county road.
  • Unsightly cans at the street any old day of the week.
  • You have to remember your day (if you forget, it might become problematic – new parents know this more than anyone.)
  • Danger all around.

Of course, it would be good if you donated unwanted items rather than throw them away. Recycle what you can and compost – if you can – throw away as little as possible, as infrequently as possible.

Why you ask?

What do I care?

Well, lets just do our part to keep the neighborhood clean and friendly, because now every day is garbage day with a truck driving down the road. They stop for the blue cans on Monday, the green and yellow cans on Tuesday, the black and red cans on Wednesday, blue cans again on Thursday (because they have 2-day a week pick up) and the grey cans on Friday. I can’t complain about the free market taking over, but I sure wish that the home owners would come together to negotiate more savings, create efficiency and reduce traffic while they’re at it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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