Enjoy It While You Can

Anything that is going well, you should enjoy it while you can.

Not to say that it won’t be good again, or that bad times won’t get better. It is just that the time we have is unknown and being able to embrace the moments, make the most of life is just good advice.

It is not easy, however to follow.

  • Quiet evenings with time to read.
  • Kids are only young once…
    • Baby steps, riding a bike or a horse for the first time, first words and making decisions for themselves, and then growing up.
  • New love is new and fun, but just for a while.
  • You can learn something and celebrate that aha moment.
  • Vacations are always too short, take more time if you can.
  • Graduations and milestones are big deals – cheer them on – make it special.
  • Anniversary dates – of any significance – take the time to spend at least a quiet moment together – just the two of you; then let the kids in.
  • It is only summer for 3 months.

Life continues and work, taking care of family and a home is not always easy. But. The good stuff is meant to be cherished. Every day. Yes. Enjoy it while you can, because every good moment should be remembered, celebrated and repeated as often as you can duplicate it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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