End or Just Beginning

It’s the Super Bowl. Today. It is also the first of February. I don’t think it matters too much, to me, for either. I do wonder is it is an end or just beginning to just get started?

The year, indeed is just beginning. But, yes, it is also the end … of a season for two teams who fought all season to be the best, maybe their best ever… I have learned that I don’t know more about philosophy than I know about football, and that restaurants CLOSE because of the super bowl …(really? Yes, they do.) Also, quite importantly to me… it is the end of a week of celebrating my grandfather. I’ve learned a lot – mostly, that I knew a lot but certainly not everything about him. It was a good journey. But January is over and February is here, if even just for four weeks.

So, we don’t have a lot of time, we have to make the month matter – and to that point, back to the restaurants. They CLOSE. Because of the Super Bowl.

As a marketer, I don’t get it.

I mean, I do… I can SEE it, but I think that there is a demographic of people who could care less about the Big Game and would like to go out.

There is a reason. Whether it is the owners want their staff to enjoy a day off or they think no one will come, I’m just confused by the logic. You only have 28 days this month…to pay your rent, the phone and cable bill… Take every day into account.

So, they closed, and I cooked. It was delicious. (But, I am not a chef and they could have done better.)

Happy February… I am counting on you to be a great month. I think a lot of folks could use a new beginning… Not just the restaurants who thought they couldn’t compete, and not just the losing team from today’s game, but so many out there who want January to be behind us, an end, and a new beginning indeed.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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