Encouraged or Scripted

Sometimes, I wonder if someone is merely encouraged or scripted to say certain things. When you hear them say it – the words said in a such a way that doesn’t quite seem natural, almost forced and looking for a specific reaction – a laugh, acceptance or satisfaction.

At work.

In retail.

Behind a reception desk.

On a customer service hot line.

During a performance (but not a play).

Via online chat.

Option 1 – Free to say what you want, along certain lines, or, option 2 – specifically conveying the story line(s) others have crafted. It is more natural and believable when someone is given the latitude to get the general gist, or vibe across – and not sound perfunctory or rote.

If it was your decision…would you rather be encouraged or scripted in your dialogue? (Your choice of course, but if you are leading your team, I would recommend allowing them the former.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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