Easter, Home or Out?

It’s a musing… but if 2020 was a “normal year” what would be your typical plan for Easter, home or out? Does going out matter, or is there a preference if it is for brunch or dinner?

Since it isn’t a normal year. We don’t have options.

Maybe this is a ridiculous question, especially because we can’t actually go out or be together.

Maybe you always cook.

It’s just that, I guess, aren’t we already doing the cooking all the time now?

We normally stay home. Big family, everyone helps. One house or another. Kids still get gifts, even if they don’t search for hidden eggs.

We do dress up, at least a little, but not nearly as much as they used to be…in their white patent leather “heels”, little purses and dresses for the girls and bow ties, vests and shiny black dress up shoes for the boys.

Now, I just want to make it different from all the other Sundays. All the other days at home.

I am finding some inspiration.

In my e-mail, starting late last week and this weekend. With just one week to go. I am seeing restaurants who would normally host (a theoretical you and) your family make offers and reminders to plan ahead. They are promoting instead of reservations – curbside pick up, a disclaimer of some assembly required for certain items, for brunch or dinner – depending on their specialty.

I am beginning to rethink my normal plan. Home baking or pick up? What to do. Oh, what to do?

If it was still a few months away and you did have a choice this year…What would it be for Easter, home or out?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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