Easier with Friends

I think it is easier with friends. What is? Well, everything…

  • Going through life.
  • Making lunchtime go faster.
  • Learning life’s hard lessons, not just the break ups, losing friends, sick family members…
  • Talking about serious topics – like politics and sex and oh, what’s that last one? Money.
  • Remembering the good times and making new ones even better.

Twenty plus years together, we know the triggers, the hot topics that get each other all riled up, excited, laughing – those are the good things – even if we tease, cajole or get caught up in the passion of the moment. All of this is just really good and not just more fun, it truly is much easier with friends. Here’s to hoping ours stay in touch for a long time and make their own little groups, too.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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