Dreaming of a…

I was sitting in the music studio today, and the music coming from the room started to take shape. All of a sudden I am dreaming of a…

White Christmas.

Of course, that’s crazy. (I mean…sure there are some. But, not me.)

For the kids, those who want to be ready for the holidays, they definitely should start practicing now. It is the only way to be ready.

For the rest of us however, summer seems like it is not quite ready to leave.

It was 92 degrees with 75 percent humidity, today.

Right now, I am definitely dreaming of a… cooler fall. I know it is coming. Just when, is the question. The leaves have started to turn, the mosquitoes are hiding…the spiders are making festive webs. Let’s have some crisp air and a gradual cool down before it is (actually) snowing for Christmas.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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