Don’t Listen Just

If I were impersonating Gene Wilder, as Willy Wonka, that might be said like this: Don’t. Listen. Just:

  • …read something you wouldn’t normally pick up based on the cover.
  • …tune into a conversation and really hear the words they are saying, without waiting to add in your two-cents.
  • …eat candy, every once in a while.
  • …try the latest workout craze – just to say you did Zumba once, just once and maybe, just maybe you will enjoy hot yoga.
  • …go to the baseball game and watch the players, the coach and the strategy of it all.
  • …wear a hat, it will help protect you from the sun – probably better than sun-screen.
  • …sing out loud. Really belt it out.

But, if you are standing by me, and I happen to follow that last bit of advice, and I am wearing noise cancelling headphones, don’t listen, just leave the room. Quickly. (My husband doesn’t and that is just one more reason I love him so.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl



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