As the story goes…we got disconnected.


  • Poor service.
  • Wrong carrier.
  • Long distance.
  • Out of network.
  • Electrical storm.
  • Simply being separated by distance and time.
  • We each had different goals and interests.
  • The wire got cut.
  • There was no wire.
  • The Bluetooth failed/ran out of battery/was too far away.
  • Other people got in the way.
  • The modem got unplugged.
  • Weak WiFi.
  • No Wifi.
  • Too far away.

Not being on the same page, means you can get disconnected or maybe you are just acting that way. Either condition is unfortunate and sad, but it can be remedied. Just reach out in whatever way you have at your disposal and start the conversation again.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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