Dig Deeper

When you do research, it is always a great idea to dig deeper to keep looking for the details and the answers you seek. To know a company, or an organization, as much as you can…

  • What do they stand for?
  • What do they really do?
  • Who do they support?
  • Where do they invest their money?
  • What is their product sourcing policy?
  • Are they importers or seek local supplies?
  • Do they give back to the community?
  • Are they fair?
  • Do they uphold their promises?
  • Do they pay competitive wages?
  • Are they family friendly?
  • Do they see value in promises?

If you dig deeper to find out all of this and more about the non-profit organization, why don’t you do it on the for-profit organizations?  Why don’t you validate your purchases of every day items, the things that you consume and use to live your life…What makes this donation of $25 or even $10 different than the items you didn’t have on your list that made it into the shopping cart?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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