Day 12

In many ways, day 12 is a long time, in others, oh so short. Yet, you wouldn’t be able to judge this unless you lived it. Your experiences are going to be different than anyone else’s and don’t let anyone tell you that your insight is wrong. Then, again, you can’t say yours is better (or worse) either.

So, what do your 12 days mean?

  • Are you counting the days until the Epiphany?
    • Did you walk through the desert all that time?
  • Are you on a new medication that takes 2 weeks to kick in before you will see results.
    • Will you experience some potentially annoying side effects in the meantime?
  • Will you wait over a week for something new to arrive?
    • Or will you go and get another one, cancelling the original order?
  • Are you ready to try a new menu, one that will change your life…and maybe make a new, better habit?
    • Or, do you think what you’re doing is just fine thankyouverymuch (followed by pass the chips)?
  • Do you think you want to stay longer, or shorter on your next vacation?
    • Will it be just enough or too much?

Today, yes, today is day 12, January 5th; not December 25th as many think. Or, perhaps there is just a different perspective and you can have the 12 Days of Christmas however you believe them to be…it just wasn’t initially meant that way.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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