Commissioned Sales

No one offers you personal, one on one attention, like a commissioned sales person.

Many companies, even retail stores at the mall, decide to go this route. Typically, there is a base wage, which is usually higher than the average and definitely higher than minimum rate. (Hmmm. Not sure how this will be affected in California and Seattle with their new minimum wage push to $15 per hour.)

These young men and young ladies are more than happy to help you. They ask questions, they take the extra step, for example, to take a mere 30 seconds to unlace the Tom’s for your daughter to try them on. Then, they check fit, advise on items that are on sale and yes, they offer for you to buy the newest in no-show socks. All white. Just arrived today.

Sometimes these folks are as young as 16, but not often… more often they are a bit older and yet, still younger than you mom or dad – they straddle the middle. Closer in “coolness” to the teen, but understand what the parent wants. A moment to bond, while buying shoes for back to school.

Clearly, there are many other places, outside of a retail store environment that offers a commissioned sales position, but it is definitely one that should be considered. Plus, you gotta start somewhere. Thank you management everywhere for training them, incentivizing them, and for inspiring your 16 year old to think that this might be a better place for a part-time job AND definitely a nicer place to shop than those big-box, leave you to search for size, retailers (that I for some reason, still love so much.) Yes, I went in just looking for 1 pair, left with 3 AND a package of the must-have, rockin’ the no-show, socks.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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