Coming Of Age…

No doubt, not the most thorough, well thought out essay on the topic of coming of age…but, we do have some random thoughts on this topic these days.

  • 18 and ready to be an adult? (I’m not, why should they.)
  • 18 and registering to vote? (Yes, but probably by absentee ballot.)
  • 18 and ready for prom? (‘nuf said on that.)
  • 18 and preparing to graduate? (Yes. Even if there is no formal ceremony.)

Turns out that maybe being a kid isn’t so bad.

But, if you do have a kid out there in the world, today or in the last month or in the coming months, turning 18… Becoming an adult is maybe these days just a bit easier if you are introverted and have a small group of close friends – but the entire internet at your disposal.

Happy Birthday to all you young adults out there. We feel for you and we love you all very much. If we could have kept this from happening, that would have been the best gift we could have given to you.

Coming of age… while it is never easy, today, it just seems a bit tougher than it was when I did. Like I have said before, I wouldn’t want to go back and have to go through it all over again. Today, more than ever, I know that to be true.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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