Change is Hard

No, I am not talking about people who can’t count…who make it look like making change is hard. (That is a whole ‘nother topic.) I am talking about changes made by your favorite local¬† retailer.

I know that sometimes, brands make agreements for the sake of their bottom line, their market share or their ability to provide better pricing to their customers. They have to keep changing. Sometimes, there are unintended negative consequences and it is hardest on their staff who interact with many, many customers.

Recently, Target changed from hosting it’s own in-store pharmacy, to having CVS provide prescription services. The old Target Rx bottles were so great, so unique and very customer focused…each family member was assigned (or selected) their own color band to keep the medicine clear on whose it was.

I know this may not be applicable to some people who read this blog…and it wasn’t necessarily applicable to my daughter’s super-charged fluoride toothpaste she had to get while she had braces ($16.50 a tube!!) but for the rest of us who need something here and there, it kept the meds straight. Mine were one color, his another…

The text reminder and refill app changed, too, resulting in delays in reminders going out and subsequently, refills being prepared.

When people are off their meds, they can get very unruly…it’s not their fault. Really. It isn’t.

Now, as we are full on with CVS in our local store, the staff behind the counter have to hear from each and every customer questions about what changed, why and how much they don’t like it. This change is hard on those team members; maybe even worse than it is for us.¬† They can’t do a single thing about this…but you, as Target’s customer can at least try. If you don’t like it now, or prefer the old way, ask them to make a change back for the better – and don’t – please don’t, take it out on the girl behind the counter.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

Red ring for her, Green for him...and CVS Pharmacy isn't always open in Target!

Red ring for her, Green for him…and CVS Pharmacy isn’t always open in Target!

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