Can You Hear Me

Turns out, sometimes you can be clear, loud and articulate but it is still not possible to get the message across. Hm. Maybe this will help… Can you hear me?

Speak loudly. You might get someone’s attention.

Keep the volume turned on. Mute off.

Stay in the room. Don’t walk away.

Be in line of sight. Facing forward.

Steer clear of noisy equipment, like fans, or washing machines.

Also, in case you were wondering, motion detectors can’t hear sound. So, if the lights go out, yelling at them won’t bring them back on.

If you do all these things and they are still having trouble, maybe ask the question – can you hear me? Then, get them to share whether they are confused or just can’t hear you…that, will be half the battle and easier to resolve.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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